Thirty women and one man have "gone crazy" and stitched up a unique idea to boost funds for a popular charity.

A patchwork quilt - made from assorted pieces of material of irregular shape, size and colour – is now on display at the Cancer Research UK Shop in Market Street, Falmouth.

It’s the big prize in a pre-Christmas draw and is the idea of Rita Barkhuysen, of Stithians, a volunteer fund-raiser with more than 40 years’ service for Cancer Research.

The quilt has taken nearly a year to put together, as Rita explains: “Last Christmas I started thinking about the problem of loneliness, the mental problems associated with it and low esteem when people’s lives have become difficult for many reasons.

“I decided to see what I could do to help people. I devised a poster for the Cancer Research shop window, inviting participants for the quilt, and in the meantime I started to sew at the till in between serving customers.

“Using beautiful ‘peacock' colours, the project allowed participants to sew just what they wanted, their only constraints being size and adherence to the colours.”

Rita added: “People loved the idea. Of the 50 who initially wanted to take part, 31 have gone on to produce crazy patchwork squares that have been sewn together into the quilt.

“They have also embroidered their names on the back of the quilt. In fact, behind every square, there is an individual story to tell. My thinking behind this project was to encourage people to improve their lives by enjoying making something and gaining a sense of achievement.

Apart from the filling, all fabrics used in the making of the quilt were upcycled.

The prize draw will be made at 11am on Friday, December 13, in the Cancer Research shop.

Tickets are now available in this shop as well as two others – Racky's shoe shop, Falmouth, and Stitches and Cream sewing shop, Falmouth – plus Shear Beauty hairdressers, Penryn, and from individual sellers.

As well as the quilt, other prizes include a £20 Trago Mills voucher and a free haircut, shampoo and blow-dry at Shear Beauty.