THE owner of a scooter stolen from a Falmouth car park on Monday evening has been reunited with her pride and joy.

The Honda 110cc, a Christmas present from her dad last year, was taken while Kirstin, who prefers not to give her full identity, was working in nearby Trago.

Her partner Alex Cooke said: "The good news is that we now have the bike back. All be it in a state and not ridable at the minute.

"Some residents of Langton Road came across the bike ditched in a hedge with its number plate missing and front housing missing, plus damage to the ignition and seat lock. Unfortunately the helmet, gloves and glasses are missing."

After receiving a phone call from Kirstin's parents to say the bike had been found the police had already been and informed us of its location as we were getting there.

Alex added: "The wheels still rolled so I pushed it back home and left Kirstin to drive back, so if anyone saw me at 6pm looking dodgy rolling a wrecked bike in Falmouth it's ok, it was just me recovering it.

Alex thanked friends and family who helped them to spread the word of the stolen bike on social media as well as supportive emails from several motorcycle companies.

He added: "Also a big thank you to the residents of Langton Road who tried to assist us. 'Black beauty' is finally home albeit a bit injured, but Kirstin's happy to have her back. I just hope she doesn't have to be put down."

Although Kirstin did not finish work until 8pm on Monday, a work colleague had gone home at 5.30pm and had not recalled seeing the bike in the car park when he left.

The scooter was therefore probably taken in broad daylight.