I write to express my sorrow and anger about my neighbourhood having had our red post box suddenly removed without any prior warning.

I am appalled at the complete lack of consideration and regard from the people that made this decision. Who are these people?

This is yet another example of a privatised company, driven only by monetary profit, having no accountability for the effect of their anonymous decision-making upon people needing its services.

I hold this Conservative government accountable for this current state of things because it was they who enabled the further privatisation of our Royal Mail services. The neighbourhood now without a post box has many elderly residents.

For anyone thinking this is not an important matter, I remind you that not everyone can access digital communication such as texting and emailing; and many of us still want to post letters and parcels conveniently.

I have to wonder about the timing, with a Winter General Election imminent, removing the post boxes is a quick way to disenfranchise more people reliant on a postal vote. This is just another example of exactly what the Conservative government's continued penchant for more privatisation of our public services means for our local communities.

It is the most vulnerable people who will continue to be the most adversely affected.

Sarah Emmett

East Park, Redruth