A MAN who suffers from sudden death syndrome drove at 111mph because his dog had escaped from home.

Kyle U'Glow, aged 26, admitted speeding on the A30 at Victoria when he appeared before Truro magistrates on Tuesday.

Defending U'Glow, Chris Cudihee said he had dropped off a friend several miles from his home in Indian Queens, when he received a call from his partner to say that their husky/spaniel cross had escaped.

As it was such a big and energetic dog and the couple lived near a busy road, U'Glow panicked, fearing not only for the safety of the dog but also for passing traffic.

Mr Cudihee explained that both the defendant and his brother suffer from a rare heart condition called sudden death syndrome, which causes an electrical fault between the brain and heart.

He said that despite his health problems, U'Glow has had a number of jobs as a mechanic over the years and currently works for a car dealership.

Mr Cudihee said that through his work, U'Glow has attended several high speed accidents in the past and so was aware of the potential damage caused by driving too fast.

In sentencing U'Glow, the chairman of the magistrates' bench said his speed "frankly beggars belief".

U'Glow, of Newquay Road, was fined £429 and ordered to pay £85 costs and £42 victim surcharge. His licence was endorsed with six points.