Following on from last week's letter on the problems Falmouth and surrounding areas are having with student parking I would like to add my comments.

We must all accept that we are facing a potentially devastating environmental crisis and it is the individual duty of us all to reconsider the way we live our lives. I find it outrageous that the university is not playing its part here.

It is a hugely influential organisation and surely should be leading by example.

Students must simply not be permitted to bring cars when they move to the area to study. They have an excellent bus and train service laid on for their convenience but, why are they not encouraged to cycle or, better still, walk?

I despair at the inherent laziness of so many people, young and old. It is especially ironic that many people drive to a gym or some other keep fit activity and then feel very virtuous at having worked up a sweat!

I am very frustrated when I see that, on a particular evening when a local running club meet, the surrounding roads and pavements are completely congested by the cars they have used to get to the the starting point.

Well done for making the effort to engage in a beneficial activity and for taking some responsibility for your own health but, if you're such good runners, why don't you run, or, at least walk, to the venue and leave your cars at home?

Our bodies are designed to walk and this simple activity is extremely beneficial to our physical, mental and emotional health as well as being completely free.

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful area so, unless you are unfortunate enough to have a disability which prevents you from walking, please get out there and enjoy it!