The Prime Minister paid a visit to the Truro and Falmouth constituency today ahead of the opposition leader's rally in Falmouth tonight.

Boris Johnson spoke to a crowd of roughly 100 people at Healey's Cyder Farm near Truro this afternoon as part of his campaign in the run-up to next month's election – hours before Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was due in Falmouth to address a rally.

In true Boris fashion, the incumbent Prime Minister mixed gags and personal anecdotes with snipes at the opposition and pledges to strengthen the economy and NHS.

Falmouth Packet:

Boris Johnson meets an audience member after his speech at Healy's Cyder Farm. Picture: Marco Ferrari 

Truro and Falmouth's Conservative candidate Cherilyn Mackrory gave an opening speech before the Prime Minister, who earlier in the day had visited West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance and Goonhilly on the Lizard, took the stage at around 2.20pm.

He started off with an anecdote about making cider as a child and spoke about how his father, Stanley, was born in Penzance.

He said: "Until we get Brexit done, the country as a whole cannot move forwards," before moving swiftly on to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's position on Brexit: "He used to be indecisive, now he's not so sure."

An unusual metaphor followed when Mr Johnson compared the state of today's politics to a "reticulated python swallowing a tapir".

The Prime Minister spoke about the need for an Australian-style points-based immigration system in the UK and highlighted the need for improved broadband and connectivity, especially in the south west.

Falmouth Packet:

The Prime Minister poses for a selfie after his speech. Picture: Marco Ferrari 

He went on to say: "We believe in having fantastic public services and we can do that without ruining the economy of this country."

Mr Johnson praised progress on the Newquay Spaceport, saying: "In ten years time, the country is going to be a satellite and space industry superpower... It’s not rocket science, except when it is rocket science."

He said that the Conservative party was the only one in this election that championed wealth creation and British products – listing Healey's Rattler cider as an example.

Answering a question about the high pressure on the NHS in Cornwall, he responded: "Here in the south west we’re putting another £140m immediately... we’re taking a new approach, this is our priority,” before going on to mention the £100m pledge for the Royal Cornwall Hospital and its new maternity unit.

There was applause from the audience after a question was asked in Cornish by a member of the press and the Prime Minister responded in the language.

He spoke about how local government should encourage the use of regional languages.

The General Election takes place on December 12.

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