The crowd at Labour's Falmouth rally this evening was full of energy as the party leader took the stage to chants of "oh, Jeremy Corbyn." 

The left-wing leader opened with a greeting in the Cornish language and went on to hit the key points in his party's manifesto: promising to tackle climate change through a 'green industrial revolution,' protecting the NHS and improving provisions for mental health services and social care. 

Mr Corbyn also spent time slamming the Conservatives over leaked documents published today detailing talks of a possible trade deal with the US.  The atmosphere was exuberant.

There were many young faces in the crowd and a DJ opened before the speeches got underway.

Falmouth Packet:

In his Princess Pavilion speech, Jeremy Corbyn said: “When Labour wins, the nurse wins, the doctor wins, the factory worker wins, the student wins, the pensioner wins. In reality, the whole community wins.

“Let the Tories back in, let them back in with some deal with the Liberal Democrats and what do you get? More austerity, more division and more inequality.”

About the leaked documents, he said: “In secret, the government has been negotiating with the United States... what’s very clear is that the US demand is that in any trade deal with Britain in the future, they want access to our public services... they want access to what they euphemistically call our ‘healthcare markets.’

"I’ll make this clear: our NHS is not for sale.”

Truro and Falmouth candidate Jennifer Forbes took the stage to rapturous applause before Mr Corbyn and the other speakers.  Her speech focused on Labour’s plans to tackle wealth inequality and climate change.

Falmouth Packet:

She said: “We are just two weeks away from an election and I know we are on the brink of changing this country forever. We have a choice between Boris Johnson’s billionaire Britain or one for the many and not the few.”

Falmothian Guin Carter then spoke about her experiences in a Greek refugee camp before Camborne, Redruth and Hayle candidate Paul Farmer addressed the crowd.

He promised “decent” jobs, saying that people should not have to go to the biggest food bank in the UK in his constituency.

Mr Farmer spoke about Richard Trevithick, the Camborne inventor, saying: “Somewhere there is another Richard Trevithick in school,” adding that if Labour take power, that person will be found and invent technology that will reverse climate change.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner then spoke. She said: “I cannot wait for us to be in power because for too long we’ve been the managed decline generation.”

Ms Rayner added: “Every child will get a free meal at primary school, and they say how will I pay for it? Because private schools will pay their VAT.”

Hundreds of people attended the sold-out rally and Princess Pavilion’s theatre was packed to the brim.