A HELSTON man died on Sunday after suffering heart attack at the age of just 49.

Julian Van Den Berg was at home with his wife Paula when he died.

Despite her efforts and that of the paramedics, he was pronounced dead on arrival via Air Ambulance at Treliske Hospital.

As a young man "Jules" grew up in Falmouth and joined Helston School in 1984.

He worked initially at Midland Bank but he knew his interests lay elsewhere.

He was manager of The Godolphin Club during two spells and was very successful.

He also worked at The Top House in The Lizard, as well as periods working in The Bell and most recently The Rodney Inn.

He loved his motorbikes but was recently involved in an accident, which he had just recovered from and was returning to work. A keen pool player with promise in darts and snooker also.

He was a good poker player with a good poker face, which brought him success on occasions.

Always happy, always with a sense of humour he was well known and respected not only in Helston, but through his many other interests further afield, such as motorbike rallies and poker tournaments.

Although he had no children of his own he was instrumental in the upbringing of Paula’s children, Richard and Cheryl.

His unselfish and caring nature ensured Paula’s children developed into the kind sensitive people they are today. He treated them as if they were his own, giving love and support when needed. A charismatic and friendly man who will be sorely missed by many.

The funeral is to be held at Treswithian Downs crematorium in Camborne on Tuesday, December 10 at 12pm and the wake will be held at his last post, The Rodney Inn, Helston.

He is survived by his wife Paula, her children Richard and Cheryl, his parents Nick and Carol, stepmother Jenny and her daughter Vicky and sisters Sam and Kate.