A DRUNKEN brawl broke out during a supper club at a homeless charity, a court has heard.

Karl Leggatt, aged 32, of Church Road, Pool, and Nadine Lees, aged 27, of Trelander East, Truro, appeared in Truro Crown Court today to be sentenced for affray.

Two other men, Jarrod Westlake, aged 29, of Glenview, Penryn and Connor McGurk, of Trelander East, were also due to appear, but were in police custody following a separate incident which took place yesterday.

The offences relate to an incident which took place at St Petroc's in Truro on October 22, 2018, when a fight shocked volunteers.

Prosecutor Tom Bradnock said the four defendants attended the supper club in City Road, which was hosted by mainly retired people giving up their time to serve food.

There were 26 people in total attending the supper.

The first of three separate incidents did not involve Lees, but Leggatt had a scuffle with McGurk after he had picked up a metal chair.

Around ten minutes later Leggatt then had an altercation with Westlake, which began as a verbal confrontation but became physical.

Leggatt, who had a collie with him, wrapped the dog's lead around his left hand, but came off "second best" and was kicked unconscious.

Westlake, Lees and McGurk left and went into Calenick Street, but Leggatt shouted after them "f**king pussies".

The three returned to St Petroc's, at which point Lees became involved, attacking Leggatt during a "violent incident" outside the door of the charity.

Defending Lees, Martin Pearce began to address Judge Carr, who intervened to say: "She's an alcoholic. If she carries on drinking, she will be dead by the time she is 40. "Although it was a very unpleasant incident, ultimately it was drunks having fights with drunks."

Referring to a CCTV film of the fight outside St Petroc's, which was shown in open court, Judge Carr added: "If nothing else, being sober and watching that video of your appalling behaviour should bring you to your senses."

Both Lees and Leggatt were given eight-month prison sentences, suspended for two years. They must both attend a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement and were placed on curfew for two months. Lees was also ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

Westlake and McGurk will be sentenced on Tuesday.