Brave pair honoured by Chief Constable

TWO public-spirited Falmothians have had their brave actions commended by the Chief Constable and the High Sheriff at a special ceremony in Exeter after helping to foil a post office raid.

Chief Constable John Evans and High Sheriff Michael Galsworthy presented 75-year-old George Vinnicombe and 26-year-old Lynda Turner with commendations for bravery and a provincial police award certificate of commendation for their part in helping to foil an armed robbery at the Penwerris Post Office in February last year.

A hooded man entered the property and produced what appeared to be a gun held in a plastic bag. He pointed it under the post office screen towards the cashier and demanded money.

Lynda Turner and George Vinnicombe were customers at the time. George, without thought for his own safety, immediately tackled the gunman and attempted to disarm him. In the course of the struggle, during which he was assaulted, Mrs Turner went to help and successfully pulled the hood from the attacker's head. The raider then broke free and ran from the post office empty handed.

"The evidence of Mr Vinnicombe and Mrs Turner was crucial to the eventual arrest of the robber," said Mr Evans. "Without a moment's thought for their own safety both Mr Vinnicombe and Mrs Turner threw themselves into a violent confrontation with a man they believed to be armed with a gun. Their actions are to be commended."

Critics fear homes plan 'cut and dried'

by Neil Hartnell

DETERMINED residents in Hillside Road and Boslowick are continuing to oppose the planned housing development at Swanvale, although many fear Carrick Council's planning committee has already decided to grant planning permission.

After expressing their concern to developers Magily Ltd and Carrick and county council officials at a site and public meeting in Falmouth last week, many residents left feeling the issues was "cut and dried".

Magily have applied to build 50 houses on a former oil storage site, and they say that Falmouth is regarded as a high priority housing area by Housing Associations.

A spokesman said: "The overall benefit for Falmouth will be affordable housing for local people, four to five acres of open space, and a jobs boost or the local economy during the construction."

Local people remain determined to carry on their fight, however, and are planning to step up their campaign before the council's planning committee meeting on December 14.

Falmouth set for the TV cameras

by Stephen Ivall

A MEETING of Falmouth Chamber of Commerce last night should have decided whether or not a bid for close circuit television in the town goes ahead.

The meeting, in private among executive members, followed a meeting at the town council on Thursday at which the chairman of the chamber, Mr Frank Fisher-Davies, was present along with crime prevention officer Malcolm Dunstan to hear how such a scheme could cut down vandalism and crime and make the town a safer place at night.

The town council have already given their support to a closed circuit camera scheme in the town in an effort to prevent vandalism and crime.

It is now hoped a bid will be put forward to Carrick who are acting as co-ordinators, under a scheme announced by the Government. They could then provide up to 50 per cent of the cost.

Just how many cameras and where they will be situated is not known but they are likely to be fully controllable units which can focus in on individuals if necessary and pan an area up to 360 degrees.