Coastguards had to rescue two revellers who had boarded a grounded vessel in hopes of freeing it.

Last Saturday night (November 30) just before 10pm, Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team were called to a report of a vessel aground at Greenbank.

Once they arrived, the team found that two people who had been attending a party at a nearby hotel had clambered aboard and were refusing to get off.

Coastguards stood by providing water safety cover and Falmouth company Seawide Services assisted in towing the vessel free.

Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat attended the incident and recovered the two revellers before taking them to safety.

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team issued the following warning to people thinking about attempting to rescue a vessel themselves:

"If you spot a vessel in danger with no risk to life, please don't make a risk to life by going on board. Call the Coastguard and we'll attend.

"Remember, it's not just your life you put at risk, it's the lives of the rescuers that have to enter the water should something have gone wrong."