The Editor,

The Falmouth Packet.

Sir, I have today read your Editorial Article entitled "'Tis the season".

Having been born in St Mawes, raised as a Christian and having spent 74 years of celebrating family Christmases as a giving of small and inexpensive gifts, as an acknowledgement of the gifts from the Magi to the Baby Jesus, I now see that you, personally, will never be a Cornishman, no matter how many years you will infiltrate my county.

Christmas is not about "switch-ons, food and drink". It is about spreading love, caring and ensuring that if you have enough sprouts, and a neighbour hasn't, you will happily share with them.

I spent 20 years living over the Tamar in England, when it would not have been for the support of my Cornish family, times would have been less personal celebratory, in the lack of people around me.

I have, however, spent many Christmas Days alone, and will be doing so again this year. I do not have live television, but have a wealth of music which I can play in celebration, Cornish and Welsh choirs, operas and more modern music, but also carols, my mainstay at Christmastime.

I have purchased the Falmouth Packet for at least the last 34 years, as Falmouth has family connections for me (previously it was passed on to me by another family member).

Thanks to your personal monetary assessment of the most important day in the Christian year, the celebration of the birth of the Infant Christchild, I am now seriously considering whether the Falmouth Packet is in safe hands.

I am only one contributor, but how many more can you afford to lose?

Perhaps you personally are looking at an online destination. Many of us, including me, don't have that option. If that's the way you and others want to go I'm not sure how I will spend my extra 80p each week, but it will not be online.

I am sure, reading again your article, that you will either love or hate your one family present, have a jolly well deserved rest (which you obviously think you deserve, and are not caring for a sick or alzheimer's relative, or a couple of diagnosed health problems of your own, which impinge on your daily capabilities to cope with "normal" living) and continue to believe that Christmas Day is all about you, and whether you get your turkey portion and veg on time to watch whatever telly programme is your Christmas Day priority is paramount.

I remain, sir,

A Falmouth Packet supporter for the past 34 years - but for how much longer?

Mrs M.C. Morris

Re your article - after one miscarriage at 14 weeks I never conceived again, after longing to have a large family!

PPS. Have yourself a very "switched on food and drink" time, whilst the rest of us Cornish celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, with carols, not only in our churches, but with the formerly Docks Choir, who every Christmas Eve spread the glorious news in Cornish Carols, with unadulterated joyous harmony, keeping alive our glorious country tradition - one for all, and all for one.

Trelawney will never die, no matter how many incomers try to persuade us that Christmas is about "food, drink and becoming switched on."