A much-loved former Penryn mayor has passed away at the age of 87.

Lorna Smuda was well-known for being a motivated, friendly and helpful member of the community who will be remembered for her "smiles and hugs."

She served as mayor in 1987 and 1988, and afterwards as a mayor's warden.

Mayor Chaz Wenmoth said: "Lorna was always approachable, very friendly and very quick to smile. I think that was one of her main characteristics, was her smiles and hugs.

"But she was a very strong character in herself. Basically a very small person in height but very large in everything she did.

"Penryn benefitted greatly for having her. She was very much an instigator in various things."

Councillor Wenmoth shared several anecdotes about the former mayor including one about how she gently chastised him for missing a council function.

"I said I was somewhere else, and she said 'you should have been in Penryn.' That's one of the things I've taken on board: If you're holding the office, that's what you're representing and that's where your first loyalties should be."

On another occasion, during serious flooding in the 1980s, Lorna rallied sailors from the HMS Challenger which was docked in Falmouth Harbour to join in the efforts to protect Penryn.

"No matter what was happening, Lorna would be part of it. She'll be greatly missed."

Former mayor Shelley Peters said: "She was a staunch supporter of Penryn and very active in the community.

"She did lots for charity; nothing was too much trouble. If she could help somebody she would. I don't think I ever saw Lorna miserable.

"She was my warden in my first year as mayor and was always really supportive. She knew exactly what I needed to do when I didn't.

"She could tell me where I needed to be and where I needed to go. She always gave me a kiss and always squeezed my hand which was really reassuring.

"It's a really sad loss to the community."

Lorna passed away peacefully at The White House residential home in Falmouth.

Her funeral was held yesterday at St Gluvias Church and was very well-attended.