A woman helping a family that fled a war-torn country to settle in Falmouth has put out a message asking the community to help welcome them this Christmas.

Jude Munden has asked that people be warm and friendly if they meet the refugee family who are working hard to integrate into the area.

She said: "If you see someone struggling with English, be patient. They're like a learner driver.

"Give them a warm welcoming smile because that's what this community is about."

The young family moved into a house in Falmouth three weeks ago after escaping "very difficult and unstable circumstances in the Middle East," says Jude.

She added: "They are a really remarkable and resilient family group who have a huge appetite for getting this right and learning.

"I think they're going to be a really valuable asset to the community. I'm sure within a year they will be giving back more than they have been given."

Due to the sensitivity of their situation, the family will not be identified in this report.

It has been a long process for Jude and the Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugee Families group, who started their efforts to re-house refugees locally in April 2018.

The family that has now settled in Falmouth was chosen and screened by the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees who identified them as a group that had no prospect of improving their situation in their home country.

Jude said: "They're now in a situation where they can give a home to their kids. They have suffered loss and trauma, everything you could imagine living in a warzone."

They are learning English and are very eager to get to know their neighbours and make friends in the area, says Jude.

"They're keen to get to know their community, and are not interested in locking themselves away. They definitely want to be part of this new community.

"It's a tribute to them and their personalities because it would be entirely forgivable if they didn't feel like that, having been through what they have been through."

Since they moved in at the beginning of the month, the Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugee Families group has been helping the family by showing them ways to pick up cheap items such as second-hand clothes from Facebook and Gumtree.

Meanwhile the charity is carrying on the fundraising efforts that have been going on since it was founded.

Jude said: "People have shown extraordinary support locally. We had choir singing at the social club recently which raised £500.

"This is something that feels positive, and I think as the kids start school and the family get to know others in the community that will increase. There will be positive ripples."

Any Packet readers wishing to donate to the newly-arrived family this Christmas can visit falmouthandpenrynwelcome.org.

Money donated will go towards paying for English lessons, interpreters, helping with the rent and helping to give the family items and the support they need to help them become independent, integrated members of the community.