A Falmouth hotel is bringing a whole new meaning to High Tea.

Hylton Espey, surfer-chef at Merchants Manor, has spiced up the traditional menu with a series of tasty delights using cannabidiol oil, a legal product derived from cannabis.

The lighter afternoon tea experience featuring sparkling tea and CBD cocktails is designed to detox and rebalance following the festive season.

Unlike the classic afternoon tea, it will feature a low-carb, low-alcohol offering focusing on the use of nutritious and detoxifying ingredients.

The bread-free food menu features light but delicious savoury snacks.

Options include Vietnamese cucumber rice paper rolls, smoked salmon and spiced creme fraiche on wholemeal blinis, roasted beetroot and hemp seed and a hemp and herb frittata.

Cakes are given a healthier makeover to incorporate vegetables and ingredients known for detoxifying properties.

Sweet dishes include sweet potato brownie and smoked manjari chocolate and pistachio roll-ups.

High Tea drinks will begin with an exciting naturally fermented sparkling tea.

The non-alcoholic tea from Copenhagen is based on a cuvee of high quality teas with each bottle containing a mix of 13 different teas to create one flavour.

Guests will also enjoy a special low-alcohol CBD Oil cocktail, using bitters so that it is not reliant on alcohol and sugar.

The High Tea can be incorporated in a spa day, giving guests a 30-minute spa treatment, full use of the pool, steam and sauna area.

The High Tea is priced at £16 per person, while the spa day package is priced at £49.

The tea will be served in the relaxed atmosphere of the Merchants Manor Study Bar and Lounge between 3pm and 5pm daily.

For more information on Merchants Manor, which is in Western Terrace, visit www.merchantsmanor.com