An environmental group is gauging public feeling about creating a play area in Tregoniggie Woodland.

Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland have started a public consultation on a project that could potentially see a play area created and an invasive species turned into sculptures.

The project would be part of a wider plan to replace non-native Lawsons Cypress trees that have overrun native species in the area.

A 2016 management plan proposed replacing these trees with native species and wildflowers. Since then, Lawsons Cypresses have been collapsing and making neighbouring trees more susceptible to collapse.

Falmouth Packet:

The group has seen in this an opportunity to improve the area and make it “more engaging for the community as well as more sustainable in the long term for the woodland.”

The plan as it stands is to fell all of the Lawsons Cypress leaving short trunks and then inviting a tree sculptor to create artwork out of the nuisance species.

It could be started as early as this year if the group manages to secure funding from Cornwall Council’s ‘Making Space for Nature’ initiative, which has seen improvements to Prislow Fields in Falmouth and green spaces in other towns.

Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland has invited members of the public to comment on the plans with any suggestions.

They are looking for a sculptor and asking people to say whether or not they support the project.

Volunteers to help build the area are also being sought. 

Send suggestions to by January 25.