Taverns collects its reward

PUBLICANS David and Clare Comer received the Packet's Pub of the Year certificate this week after "doing the double" by winning the award for the second successive year.

Their Falmouth Tavern was again voted West Cornwall's top pub by Packet readers who claims its transformation over the past 18 months speaks volumes for the Comers' business acumen.

The Tavern was, according to one regular, "on its knees" when Mr and Mrs Comer took over. Now it is booming.

Packet editor John Marquis, who made the presentation, said: "The Packet Pub of the Year poll is not intended to decide the poshest pub, the cosiest pub or even the pub with the best beer.

"It decides the pub which, in the eyes of its own customers, best meets its objectives in the market it sets out to serve. I don't think there is anyone who can doubt that the Falmouth Tavern, judged on that basis, is a very worthy winner."

Town set to back street cameras

By Helen Thomas

SECURITY 'spy' cameras designed to catch thieves and vandals on video look set to help Falmouth in its fights against crime.

Falmouth Town Council seems poised to pledge £1,000 in support of a bid for Government funding towards the cost of installing security cameras in Falmouth's town centre.

The Home Office has set aside £2 million which is to be distributed nationally to help set up or expand CCTV surveillance systems in small communities and Falmouth is hoping for share of the cash.

School expansion threat to jobs, company claims

EXPANSION plans for St Francis primary school - Falmouth's newest - have boiled down to a "Jobs versus classrooms" argument, it was claimed at site meetings last week.

Mr Alan Balding, Watson Marlow managing director, told Thursday's county council meeting at the school that his firm had 130 employees and was planning to double its size.

"There are jobs at risk here - it's not our problem if the school was built on the wrong site. Why should we suffer for someone else's mistake? I don't understand this hand-to-mouth approach," he said.

New 'boss' to bid for Euro cash

By Wayne Bishop

FALMOUTH is set to become the first town in Cornwall to have its own manager in a bid to grab some of the £170 million available to the county in European funding.

The appointment, which has been mooted since lsat year, gelled into reality at a pre-emptive meeting of the Falmouth Town Council Forum on Friday.

Although the finer points of his or her role and how the position will be paid for has yet to be discussed, acting secretary Arthur Carden said it was a step in the right direction.