A FALMOUTH yoga teacher has arranged a series of events to raise funds for the wild fire effort in Australia.

Keren Cooksey, owner of www.falmouthyogaspace.co.uk, lived there for ten years and says she has been "devastated" by the recent forest fires.

She said: "This week I did a shout out to other yoga studios and teachers in Cornwall to see if we could host a range of yoga events on Australia Day on January 26.

"I have been overwhelmed by the positive response and as a result, these yoga studios and teachers are hosting events on the day with funds raised going to Red Cross Australia and Wires Wildlife."

All classes listed below will run on Australia Day, apart from the last one which will be the day before.

Falmouth Yoga Space (Killigrew Street), Yin Yoga charity class - 10.30am (contact person Keren Cooksey); Ocean Flow, Newquay - Mantra meditation charity class at Carnmarth Hotel - 3pm (contact person Jenafleur Harvey); Karli Yoga, Penzance - Hotyoga for Australia - 10am (contact person Karly Kissing); Gwills Yoga, Newquay - Yoga marathon with ten local teachers - 12pm (contact person Louise McCutcheon); Cornwall Yoga Centre, Truro - Yin Yang charity class - 11.30am on Jan 25 (contact person Tully Harrod). Keren added: "Yoga is all about community and connection, what is happening in Australia may or may not be impacting each of us personally but we are all feeling it.

"As yoga teachers we teach love and compassion, these events give us a chance to put that talk into action and bring people together across Cornwall to raise funds for Australia.

"We hope the above events offer something for everybody and we can't wait to show what the power of community can do."