Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclists (CAM) has had one of its busiest ever training years.

It is now coaching and developing more than 30 riders a year.

Chairman David Hinchcliffe said: "There are too many motorcycle accidents in Cornwall, and we are working hard to reduce this and make the roads safer."

On top of the trainng, many members are passing at F1RST level too, showing the quality of the training provided by all our observers.

A F1RST is top marks in the test.

In November alone the group had three F1RSTs out of three passes, and ten since the end of July.

CAM is affiliated to IAM RoadSmart, which used to be called the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the leading road safety charity in the UK.

It has 23 observers across the whole of Cornwall, with three more currently being trained. All the observers are nationally qualified.

The group is aiming to developing a culture and programme of helping each other and continual development, combined with a strong social programme has enabled growth and the highest membership ever with members gaining not only rider skills but the confidence to input into the club and help with activities.

More training, development and further support is planned for 2020.

Anyone wanting more information can visit the CAM or IAM websites.