FALMOUTH inshore lifeboat went to the aid of two kayakers after one had capsized and was unable to get back on.

The Robina Nixon Chard was launched after a request had been received from Falmouth Coastguard to go to Nare Head, on the Roseland Peninsula.

The kayaker had managed to swim ashore and climb on to rocks at the base of the cliff.

The alarm had been raised by the other kayaker via a nearby fishing vessel.

In calm conditions with no swell, the inshore lifeboat launched at 11.51am on Saturday, January 4 and arrived on scene at 12.07pm.

Crew recovered the casualty from the rocks and after checking that he was okay, they collected his kayak before heading to Carne Beach.

The inshore lifeboat also escorted the other kayaker back to the beach.

After landing the casualty and his kayak on the beach and ensuring that the other kayaker was also safely back at the beach, the inshore lifeboat returned to station, arriving back at 12.44pm.

This was the station’s first launch of 2020.

Crew: Luke Wills (helm), Tamsin Mulcahy, Joe Amps, Lloyd Barron.