A well-known painter from Porthleven has passed away after a battle with cancer.

David Hosking died at the age of 76 on Saturday January 4.

He was one of the most prominent Cornish artists of modern times and painted with a distinctive style, using bright colours and strong compositions to portray coastal scenes.

Born in Camborne, David studied at Falmouth School of Art in the 1970s and later found his home in Porthleven.

David will also be known to many through those that he taught at St Michael's School in Helston.

He is survived by wife Patricia and sons Stephen, Stuart and Michael.

Patricia said: "He got the greatest pleasure from seeing people enjoy his work: He loved to know who bought each painting and where it was going to hang.

"He never sought the recognition that he richly deserved, being a very modest man. He was also a very generous person, donating original paintings to many charities.

"David was a fabulous raconteur with a wonderful character and a cheeky sense of humour, rarely without a twinkle in his eye.

"He was warm, genuine, sincere, witty and charming. He was highly thought of by all those whom he met, and of course by those he taught at St Michael's school in Helston."

Although he had numerous exhibitions, in his latter years his work mainly featured at The Customs House Gallery in Porthleven.

Louise and John Winterton, the gallery's proprietors, said: "We'd like to think that a little bit of his bright, cheery character will be lighting up rooms across the world for years to come."

David appeared on Country File a few years ago, which Patricia says brought a new audience to his work from around the country and internationally, and his paintings now hang on walls around the world.