I AM a resident of Falmouth and walk regularly along the front and round the point - the other day I counted 38 piles of dog excrement on the paths!

Unfortunately no one monitors this problem which is worse when the dogs are allowed on the beach during October to April.

I now read that dogs will be allowed on the beach in the morning and evening, have you ever been on the beach with two young grandchildren who are attempting to: 1, Eat an ice cream, which was snatched from their hands by a dog; 2, Trying to build a sandcastle and the dogs racing all over the place and destroying it, then knocking over my grandson.

This beach (Gyllyngvase beach) is a town beach for families and especially children.

Another example, try picking up stones and discover a dog owner has piled stones over a heap of dog muck and the children have their fingers covered in this, it's disgusting.

Also if you ever happen to be on the beach you will notice that dogs have a tendency to wee all over the seaweed that's usually halfway up the beach, which of course young children are also interested in picking up!

There should be some beaches that are dog free and Gyllyngvase should be one of them.

It would appear that dogs are now more important than the health and welfare of children.

Mary Lewis