A man who suffered a major brain seizure sailing from Falmouth to the Azores is raising money to "stay alive as long as possible".

When Thomas Jarman was 100 miles off the coast of Spain he suffered the seizure followed by another 12 hours later.

He was rushed to hospital for an MRI scan that revealed a "satsuma-sized" tumour in his frontal cortex.

Three weeks later he underwent surgery to remove as much of it as safely possible, but his outcome is looking bleak.

The average life expectancy for people with his diagnosis is 12 to 15 months.

But Thomas is fighting back. He wrote on his fundraiser page: "The plan now is to continue trying to live as well as possible for as long as possible and therefore we feel like we've nothing really to lose in exploring every available avenue for treatment."

The NHS, he says, is offering only end-of-life care, and Thomas is "not yet ready to die 'as comfortable a death as possible'."

With any funds raised through his appeal, he plans to travel to Germany for specialist treatment at an immunotherapy clinic that has been recommended to him.

Thomas wrote: "For my part, I can promise you all that I’m waging war on this thing inside my head with everything I have.

"I’m throwing all of myself into this journey of healing and hopeful recovery, and to that end I’m working towards becoming as physically and mentally fit and able as I’ve ever been in the hope that I can continue to thrive and to stay alive for as long as possible."

Anyone wishing to donate to Thomas' fundraiser can do so by visiting the following link: gf.me/v/c/4bl8/helping-tom-fight-brain-cancer.