Equipment paid for with tax payers' money has been stolen from Falmouth Town Council.

A red bowser, used to water Falmouth's hanging baskets and bedding displays during the summer months, was taken from the council's compound at Falmouth Lawn Cemetery.

Falmouth Packet:

The bowser that was taken. Photo: Falmouth Town Council 

The council has warned that money which could have been used on other projects in the town will now have to be spent replacing it, and has appealed to anyone who may have information about where it is to come forward.

A council spokesperson said: "Stealing this just to make a few quid is a sad loss to the people of Falmouth, who ultimately will fund a replacement through the council tax they pay.

"Please, please let us know if you have any idea of its whereabouts.

"Spending money on a new one now will mean that something else will not be able to be funded."

The council can be contacted via its Facebook page or by calling 01326 315559.