A memorial woodland is to be created near Helston in memory of a man who took his own life.

Martine Knight has been searching for two years to find a piece of land to honour her son David Hawke-Treneer, who died in 2013 aged 37.

Now she has finally found a place near Pemboa, on the outskirts of Helston - and is inviting mental wellbeing groups in the area the chance to be involved in the creation of a natural memorial, which will be known as ‘Butterfly Wood and David’s Creek’ (or

'Koos Tykki-Duw ha Heylyn David’ in Cornish) in recognition of David's favourite creature.

Martine said: "When our son, David, died in 2013 the nature of his death overshadowed the wonderful memories of him and, for quite a time, it was really hard to see any positivity in life.

"However, whilst David’s time with us was much shorter than it should have been we are determined that he is not defined by the nature of his death, but by his life.

"He would do anything for anyone, but sadly the black dog of depression made him unable to see just how many people wanted to help him. That is why we feel that if we can help just one person see a little light, through our plans, any amount of effort will be worth it."

Falmouth Packet:

David Hawke-Treneer died in 2013

The family had originally planted a tree in his memory, but when the landowner had to alter the access they were no longer able to reach it.

This made them determined to create something more fitting, of their own, in the form of a mini woodland or place of tranquility.

"Finding somewhere suitable has been much more difficult than we expected, but that time has allowed us to reflect on exactly how we’d foresee using it.

"As David’s death was by suicide, the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and still a taboo subject to many, we feel very strongly that we want to try - in some small way - to offer something to the cause of local mental health and well-being, in his memory.

"Since David’s death several of his contemporaries have also ended their own lives and we know how these tragedies can destroy families. If we can help prevent just one such death we will feel our efforts will have been worthwhile.

"So, having finally found a piece of land, near Pemboa, we plan to offer local mental wellbeing groups and others the opportunity to be involved in the creation and future use of this natural memorial," said Martine, who added that eventually she also hoped to offer it to local schools to use as an outdoor classroom.

"The land has long been abandoned, but we believe that with lots of hard work, and advice from relevant organisations, it has the potential to become just the sort of place that David would have loved," she added.

A Facebook page has been set up under Butterfly Wood, Helston and Martine is looking into grants to help cover the cost of make the woodland safe and accessible.

Until this work has been done, temporary fencing has been put around the land.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the work can contact Martine on 01326 564710 or email butterflywood.helston@gmail.com.

"If you replace the 'I' in the word illness with 'We' you get the word wellness, and that is what we want to try and help towards by creating this place of tranquillity and healing," said Martine.