A WOMAN who tried to hand over a small package to a defendant in the dock was thrown out of Truro Magistrates' Court this morning.

Alex Shirley appeared before magistrates charged with trespassing in a Truro hairdressing salon and assaulting a police officer last night.

The 32 year-old, of Merewood, Liverpool, gave no pleas in answer to the allegations.

Whilst the magistrates retired to another room to discuss whether or not he should be granted bail, the drama unfolded.

A woman on crutches in the public gallery walked over to the dock, which is encased in glass with small gaps between the panes.

She attempted to pass something to Mr Shirley, who was quickly taken to the ground and handcuffed by two security guards amidst shouts of "Get her out" from the clerk of the court.

More security arrived from outside the courtroom and the woman was escorted from the building.

Mr Shirley opted for his case to be heard at Truro Crown Court. He was remanded in custody until his hearing on February 11.