Whoever said that Dry January means you can’t enjoy a cocktail? And what’s more, before noon.

Æcorn Drinks national ambassador Toby Amphlett delivered a number of alcohol-free cocktail making masterclasses at a shop in Falmouth on Saturday.

Writer Lydia Jackson was lucky enough to have a place on the morning session at artist Sarah Jane Humphrey's Botanical Atelier, which also included using gall inks to paint acorns and oak leaves.

The workshop in Arwenack Street offered the opportunity to kick back and relax into the group's creative tasks whilst enjoying a cocktail not far from a gin and tonic - tart and refreshing with a herbal, bittersweet finish.

Claire Warner, whose brain-child Æcorn Drinks is, revealed: “We are thrilled to be following in Seedlip’s footsteps and breaking new ground in the category they created. Since Seedlip’s launch, the world of non-alcoholic has shown itself to be dynamic and exciting, and we hope that the introduction of Æcorn will help solve the dilemma of what to enjoy with food, when you’re not drinking.”

The afternoon sessions focused more on cocktail creation, formally introducing Falmouth locals to Æcorn Drinks, which was launched in 2019 as a sister brand to Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.

There was something for all tastes as Æcorn was served bitter as a spritz; over ice with a splash of soda or tonic and garnished with a slice of orange; or, within a variety of no or low cocktails.

The group also learned that aromatic red and dry white can be enjoyed neat and chilled as a non-alcoholic wine alternative, with the aromatic being comparative to a glass of Port, offering delicious notes of cherrywood and kola nut.

Æcorn Drinks comes in a dry white, bitter aperitif or aromatic red variety and is made from Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay, pressed early before fermenting and blended with herbs and aromatics.

Designed to be enjoyed with friends, each recipe is informed by 17th century English herbal remedies and therefore was aptly matched with Sarah’s talents and her interest in the medicinal qualities of plants.

Botanical Atelier is the only independent stockist of AEcorn Aperitif in Cornwall. It is also available at www.aecornaperitifs.com, www.selfridges.com and www.waitrose.com