A Falmouth man put together a spectacular send-off for his late wife by launching her ashes into the air above Pendennis Point in a firework.

Pensioner Tony Sisson, 89, watched the once-of-a-kind display from his balcony with his son and a few friends on Tuesday evening.

Before she died, his wife Barbara Sisson (née Brading) saw an advert for the unique service in the newspaper and decided that it was for her.

Organised by fireworks company Heavenly Stars, which specialises in displays incorporating cremation ash, Tony says that it was the first display of its kind to be permitted from Pendennis Point.

He said: "It was spectacular. I've never seen anything like it."

Barbara and Tony first met 60 years ago.

Tony had travelled to Falmouth for work – to inspect a local hospital where Barbara was working part time.

The pair fell in love but it was not until nearly 50 years later that they were finally married.

Barbara, who worked in Townhouse Jewellers for many years, sadly passed away in September at the age of 83 after suffering from throat cancer.

Her firework display was heard all over Falmouth.