FASCINATING to read (Falmouth Packet Jan 22nd pg16) that some councillors' reaction to “the biggest response to any council consultation” regarding dog restrictions on beaches was to ignore democracy, and public consultation, and recommend the much-hated current status quo be maintained.

It appears that, like politicians mismanaging Brexit, those councillors think they know best and that it is safe to ignore public opinion.

Should there be beach wardens with powers to fine? Of course there should, but I’d expect the fines for human littering, including plastics and fast-food waste to far exceed those given to a few irresponsible dog owners.

The recommendations of the consultation were very balanced, recognising the different needs of beach users and proposing a well thought out integration of the times and dates available.

A real shame that three or four councillors can overturn the views of “more than 13,000 responses”.

Paul Cooper

Mabe Burnthouse