Crowdfunding is underway in Falmouth to raise money to keep the lollipop lady at King Charles primary school.

Cornwall council stopped funding this service in 2017, and the lollipop lady has been paid for by a private donor ever since. This funding is due to come to an end in July of this year.

Sean Stratton has now taken matters into his own hands and set up a Crowdfunder to raise the £3800 needed to keep this vital service.

At a council meeting in October he said: "Over a three-year period I personally have noticed near-weekly accidents where Florence Terrace and Albany Road meet. Most are minor but also unreported.”

Parents at the school have already raised £110 in the first day of the Crowdfunder going live.

Comments of support are being posted on the project’s homepage from concerned parents. Once wrote: “Let’s all join forces and save our lovely lollipop lady; she’s indispensable for the safety of our children.”

Another said: “Let’s rally to save our lollipop lady and keep out kids safe on the roads.”

Councillor Bob O’Shea said that the Council was unable to provide the money. He said: “I’m honestly sorry that we can’t help."

The Crowdfunder page can be found by following this link: