LATEST UPDATE: South West Water issues statement

A giant hole has caused the closure of one of the main roads into Porthleven – just days before the other route in was also due to be shut for road works.

The Methleigh Bottoms road has been closed from the main junction with the Penzance road since yesterday lunchtime.

It is the result of emergency sewage works taking place just past Tregew Farm.

There are reports locally there was a “bubbling pothole.”

Diggers are currently on site and have opened up the road, where there is now a large crater.

As a result First Kernow has been unable to run its normal U4 service and has had to operate a diversion, missing out some stops.

The company has put out the information: “On the Methleigh Bottoms approach to Porthleven, the road is currently closed due to a large hole in the centre of the road.

“Service U4 is currently operating a diversion between the Helston boating lake to Porthleven and back.

“We are currently unable to serve the stops at Tolponds and Mill Lane.

“We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Falmouth Packet:

Information on the Cormac website indicates that the closure is expected to remain in place until this Friday, January 31.

What was concerning locals, however, is that the entire stretch of Porthleven Road from Helston, past Coronation Park and beyond, had also been scheduled for closure for five days, as of this Monday, January 27.

This would effectively have left the port stranded, aside from access via minor backgrounds. 

However, Cornwall Council has this evening confirmed to the coastguards that this work will be delayed until after the reopening of Methleigh Bottoms. 

A spokesperson said: "Cormac have postponed their planned road closure for re-surfacing on the B3304 between Porthleven Road and Penrose Hill (due to start Monday) as SWW’s emergency works on B3304 between the A394 and Methleigh bottoms is still ongoing.

"The current diversion will remain in place until the road can be re-opened." 

The Porthleven Road closure was to have been in force between 7.30am and 6pm between Monday and Friday, with access remaining for emergency services, school buses and in other emergencies at the discretion of a police officer.

Pedestrian access to residents and businesses would also have been maintained.

The closure, when it does take place, will be to allow for resurfacing of the road.

The following week, February 3 and February 7, repairs had planned to the road surface from Methleigh Bottoms, resulting in its continued closure from the Penzance road for another five days. It is likely these will in turn be postponed.