MARC Cole's family has reacted to the jury's verdict after his two-week inquest was concluded yesterday.

The narrative verdict on Tuesday evening referred to a police Taser having a “more than a trivial impact” on the death of Mr Cole, who was behaving erratically.  

Lisa Renee Cole, Marc’s sister, said: “Marc's tragic death has destroyed our lives and we miss him terribly every single day.

"While there is no transparency or accountability for loss of life, preventable deaths during police contact will continue, and those with mental ill health will continue to be overrepresented in this marginalised group.

"The Jury have found that the Taser had a more than trivial impact on Marc’s death.

"What is needed is an urgent review of police use of Taser, considering the lack of robust training in responding to those experiencing mental ill health or intoxication, and the risks associated with repeated and prolonged exposure to Tasering. It is too late for Marc, but we believe this would save lives.”

Nadine Kinder, Marc’s partner, added: “An inquest is meant to be about truth, but the only truth I remain sure of is that two innocent children were robbed of a life with their dad and me. 

"Next time you call the police, who we are meant to trust to help us in crisis, know that it could be your family, friend or neighbour at the blunt end of this.  Something needs to be done within the force to ensure that the police understand the ramifications of Taser use, and the pain that is caused when they close ranks during an Inquest.”

Devon and Cornwall Police are yet to comment.