THERE have been one or two cross words on social media after Marks and Spencer revealed a new hot cross bun flavour.

Regular customers will already be familiar with stores offering salted caramel, Belgian chocolate and Bramley apple flavours in the build-up to Easter.

But the latest batch has got many people questioning whether you can even call them hot cross buns.

The new chilli and cheese flavour has been launched to "toast the start of the Easter season". 

However traditionally the spiced sweet bun, which is usually made with fruit, marked with a cross on the top, is eaten on Good Friday. 

The buns were supposed to mark the end of Lent and different parts of the hot cross bun have a certain meaning.

The cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus and the spices inside signifying the spices used to embalm him at his burial.

While hot cross buns going on sale days after Christmas has become the norm in recent years, many social media users were not happy with the traditional recipe being completely altered.

One user said: "Well this is just ridiculous."

"Why can’t we have just hot cross buns. There is enough flavour in them without adding other things."

"Last time I looked Easter was in April. It's not even Lent yet. Please just call them rolls or buns... nothing to do with Easter."

Another asked why they couldn't just have 'normal' hot cross buns but the store responded saying more traditional buns were also in stores.