THIS week’s selection of extracts from The Commercial, Shipping & General Advertiser, The Penryn & Falmouth Advertiser and The Borough Times, supplied by Penryn Museum.

From November 1935:

At a meeting of Lodge Three Grand Principles No 967, Penryn, on the 4th inst, the SW Bro P T Dancer was unanimously elected Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. W Bro W J Lawrey was re-elected treasurer; W Bro F Harris and Bro C J Lugg were re-elected auditors; and Bro E Dawe was re-elected tyler.

From March 1931:

An eight-years’-old Penryn child, Jackie Mitchell, son of Mr and Mrs Mitchell, of The Terrace, Penryn, had a remarkable escape from death on Monday. In running across Higher Market Street from The Terrace steps, he rushed in front of a two-seater car driven by Mr W Collett of Belle Vista. Mr Collett swerved, but the child kept on, and slipped near the pavement outside Mr Renfree’s shop. His head was struck by the front axle, and one of the back wheels passed over his body. Mr Collett took the child to Dr Harkness’ surgery, and it was found that the only injury he had sustained was a cut knee.

At Tuesday’s meeting of Falmouth Town Council the General Purposes Committee reported that they had interviewed Mr Booth, of the firm of Messrs Colyer, Bristow and Co, Lord Kimberley’s solicitors, and discussed with him the question of the extension of Cliff Road from Queen Mary Gardens to Swanpool Beach. Mr Booth stated that Lord Kimberley would be prepared to give the necessary land for a 40ft road, together with the land between the proposed road and the existing footpath the land not required for the road to be kept open for the free use of the public, but his lordship could not see his way to make any contribution towards the cost of the work.

From May 1931:

The worry and strain caused to Mr and Mrs D Gallie, of Mutton Row, Penryn, and formerly of Truro, was allayed on Saturday night when a telephone message was received from the Truro Police Station that their six-years-old son was safe in Truro. The boy had left his home at about 1.30pm with the intention of playing with some other lads. Later in the day it was found he was missing. Despite the fact the boy walked all the way to Truro, he was little the worse for his adventure, except sore feet.