The Marks and Spencer building in Falmouth remains empty, 12 months after its closure.

As reported yesterday, Town team manager Richard Gates said that there had been a significant amount of interest in the £2.5million site, which M&S vacated on February 2 last year after 80 years, but there was as yet nothing confirmed.

He added that a major remedial project had been carried out on behalf of the landlord in 2019, including asbestos removal.

The Packet took to the streets to ask people what they would like to see replacing the abandoned site.

People in the town still seem to be nostalgic about the loss of the popular shop.

"My mum was very upset about it, it's such a shame, a whole year on.

"We would like to have something that isn't a bar. Nothing like Poundland, something actually nice," said Nicola O'Shea.

Falmouth Packet:

The store in its final days before closing in February 2019

Gary Turner from Truro said he would also like to see another M&S store.

However, he expressed a concern about the town's business rates: "The council doesn't help, because the rates are too expensive.

"How much is the council losing by not having anything there?" he added.

"They should drop the business rates and give people a chance. It's better to have lower rates than nothing. I just can't understand these people."

Another shopper, from Redruth, suggested opening a retail store with beddings and suits.

"It would be nice if they brought something in that was more useful for everyday life, something that people could enjoy.

"Towns are getting more and more charity shops, more and more banks."

Sara Brook, who features in the video below, said she would transform the building into a centre for small shops, 'like a marketplace for small creative outlets'.

She said: "I think Falmouth thrives on small niche shops."

Clifton Gilbert, who grew up in Old Hill, said: "We could do with some fish shops, butchers – we've only got one – and definitely fruit shops."

M&S' withdrawal from Falmouth last year was part of a programme that saw the retailer shut 14 stores across the country.

Erwin Davidson, in the video below, said: "I think the asbestos put a lot of people off. It's going to cost a lot of money to put the building right."