Shock delay for town police HQ

FALMOUTH'S proposed new police station faces a further two-year delay.

The news is certain to spark off protests from those who say Falmouth urgently needs a better police presence to combat crime.

The site earmarked for the new police station, the TA centre in Bar Road, will not be available until then.

Home Office funding is said to be safe but there are now real fears that all could be lost unless the police authority commit themselves to the project with a planning application.

So far no plans have been drawn up for the site or any deal struck.

If the Chief Constable John Evans decides a police station is not necessary or the Home Office change their minds then the money could be lost.

Falmouth MP Seb Coe, who has been fighting for the new station, was unwell this week. It was understood that the Ministry of Defence had still not decided what to do with the TA centre.

Harry Grant is Penryn's next mayor

THE man behind the rejuvenation of Penryn in the 1970s has been nominated to become the town's next mayor.

Mr Harry Grant, who was chief architect at Carrick Council when he instigated the revolutionary Penryn Housing Action area which led to the restoration of the town's housing, was unanimously elected on Monday.

But he has to win his seat back at the forthcoming May elections to make sure he takes over as Penryn's first citizen.

"You have made me very proud," he said emotionally. "You have done me a very great honour. I will do all I can to do my best for the town which badly needs something."

Mr Grant will take over from the popular Mrs Penny Vinnicombe, who will have served two years by the time she vacates the chain of office.

Bridge work will cause congestion

SERIOUS traffic congestion is envisaged when work begins on strengthening Penryn Bridge.

But Cornwall County Council are being urged to go ahead with the work on schedule and not accede to a request by Carrick Council to delay the work until April.

The work, which will take six months, will involve providing a temporary bridge cutting across the corner of Eastwood Road and coming out on the other side of Quay Hill. It is due to start on March 6.