A covenant prohibiting alcohol from being consumed in a Penryn building could be lifted.

The town council took ownership of Temperance Hall in 1949 and has abided by the teetotal covenant imposed by the movement, which outlawed the consumption and production of alcohol.

More than 70 years on, the council voted unanimously at a meeting last Monday to seek opinion from residents and users of the hall if there is support to lift the alcohol ban.

Town clerk Helen Perry explained that the council has been approached by various groups to request alcohol at their events in recent years.

A statement from members said: "The council has been unable to facilitate these engagements due to the covenant and has therefore lost the bookings and the income.

"The council also owns the Town Hall - which is a licensed wedding venue - and requests to use the Temperance Hall as the venue for the wedding reception have also had to be declined."

It added: "As a council we would like to secure the future of the Temperance Hall by being able to market the venue for social events which could include the consumption of alcohol on the premises."

Before councillors make a decision, however, they want to know what the people of Penryn think.

Cllr Mary May said that the issue had been debated by the council "four or five times" in the past and had always been suppressed. This time, however, it felt as though the feedback of residents was crucial.

Cllr May said: "It is a difficult one because the councillors who agreed to the covenant 70 years ago are not the same councillors now. However, we are still the same council and we have an obligation to listen to what people want."

Mayor Chaz Wenmoth said: "It's a personal thing. I am quite a traditionalist and feel that once something has been changed, it's changed forever. On the other side of the coin, we have had to turn down some events where people have wanted alcohol, which is a shame because it could be a very good asset."

He added that it should be called the Teetotal Hall - not the Temperance Hall - as it was previously owned by the Rechabite Society.

If you have a view on whether the teetotal covenant should be lifted, get in touch with the town council.

You can either call 01326 373086, email: info@penryntowncouncil.co.uk or facebook Penryn Town Council.

If the council receives sufficient feedback, the issue will be discussed at the next meeting of full council on Monday, March 2.