A community event in Truro has been cancelled this year after becoming too big for its volunteer organisers.

Truro City Council has now agreed to take on Truro Day but will be unable to put it together in time for the planned date this September.

The event, which takes place each year at Boscawen Park involving a wide range of music, displays and community groups, will instead take place in 2021.

The popular event had been in doubt following a review of the huge demands on its team of organisers and volunteers.

Organiser Paul Caruana, who has been the driving force behind the event for six years, said: “Truro Day has grown in popularity year on year and this has brought with it some very onerous responsibilities.

"These are very significant demands in terms of time and commitment on me personally and that of the wonderful team of volunteers who work to make Truro Day happen.

"The whole concept and structure need to be reorganised to accommodate the exacting detail of today’s compliance regulations.”

Several meetings have taken place with Truro City Council over the last few months, resulting in the decision to not hold the event this year.

Truro City Council events manager Taren-Lee Corin said: “There is a vast amount of planning and preparation needed before Truro City Council can undertake such an event.

"Truro City Council has a full programme of events for the current year. In particular we have the Tour of Britain happening at the same time Truro Day would have occurred.

"Also, with VE Day celebrations, Green Truro and the Duchy Fare to accommodate we decided that in order to do Truro Day justice we needed more time to organise things properly.”

Truro mayor Bob Smith praised Mr Caruana and his team for the "wonderful job" they had carried out over the years, saying the council would need to call up them for support in order to look forward to a successful Truro Day in May 2021.

He added: “I do hope that everyone will understand how great a task Truro Day is to organise. We want Truro Day to continue to the same standard achieved by Paul and his team and that cannot be achieved overnight.

"There are a great many events taking place this year starting with St Piran’s Day on March 5. I look forward to seeing everyone at all the events we have planned.”

The Truro programme of events for 2020 can be found on the Visit Truro website ‘What’s On’ page at visittruro.org.uk