A devastated fitness enthusiast is appealing for help in finding the pair of trainers she won a world championship in after they were stolen from her car in Falmouth.

Samantha Lee Jenkins had left the trainers, along with some gym equipment and books that were also stolen, in her car overnight in Kimberley Park Road.

The items she is most upset about are the specialist pink Innov8 trainers she wears for powerlifting, as they are of great sentimental value.

Samantha, who only moved to Falmouth a few months ago, wore them to win the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in her category in 2015, setting a new Welsh record.

She told the Packet: "They have got a lot of sentimental value. I was distraught.

"I'd just like to get them back really, I don't really care for anything else."

She added that they would be of no use to anyone else, as they are designed especially for powerlifting, with raised heels, and they are hard to walk in.

Samantha had only decided to leave the trainers and other equipment ready for the gym because she was having trouble with her boot opening.

"I thought, 'We're safe in Falmouth'. I didn't think anything of it," she said.

She then had a phone call from one of the local bed and breakfast owners to say that she had discovered items - which included business cards for Samantha - dumped in her bushes.

She believes the thieves managed to unlock the car by jamming something in the window, as there was no damage, but the glove compartment had been rifled through and the items taken.

Samantha is appealing for people to now keep an eye out for the trainers for sale, or in charity shops once the thieves have realised they are useless to them.

The trainers are easily identifiable as they have been customised with glitter.

Samantha can be contacted via a message to her Facebook page.