HAVING been hidden behind scaffolding for a large part of 2019 to allow for a full restoration, Redruth’s iconic clock tower has now been unveiled, thanks to the assistance of a local lad.

Constructed in 1828 to replace a former wood-built structure, the clock tower has played an important role in Redruth.

In 1841 the open arches at ground level were closed in for use as Police cells, while in 1904 the tower was raised by a whole storey so that the miners living at the top of the town could see the time.

Unfortunately time and the elements had taken their toll and a survey revealed a number of concerns.

Funded by Redruth Town Council, works to address these concerns and fully restore the tower began in July.

Before the scaffolding could come down though, Leo’s help was needed.

A clock enthusiast, the seven year-old has taken a special interest in the town clock and was asked by Redruth Town Council to give the newly reinstalled clock its first wind.

A permanent reminder of Leo’s contribution was also left in the tower by way of his thumbprint stamped into the fresh mortar and, in recognition of his assistance, Leo was presented with a certificate by the mayor of Redruth Deborah Reeve.