Truro’s award-winning "hedgehog" roundabout has welcomed an explosion of colour with a ceramic wildflower installation, created by Truro School pupils and staff.

The wildflowers appeared on Thursday morning, complementing the four hedgehogs on Trafalgar roundabout that was recently named Roundabout of the Year by the Roundabout Appreciation Society.

Pupils and staff at Truro School were involved in the sculpting of the wildflowers, building upon a current theme at school around the protection and preservation of nature for future generations.

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Truro School headmaster said: “Truro School celebrates its 140th anniversary this year and like the school, wildflowers have grown and evolved for many years, flowering in many shapes, sizes and colours. The roundabout is a celebration of our past and a nod to the future, a future with a bright, sustainable focus. It is hoped the wildflowers will add a cheerfulness to these dark winter months, and be enjoyed by all those who pass the roundabout."

The project aims to highlight the importance of wildflowers on the environment, and their role in providing pollinators (bees and other insects) with local food sources across the seasons. The ceramic wildflowers are also designed to bring colour and joy into the community during the winter months, bridging the gap between autumn and spring before the real wildflowers emerge.

Mr Gordon-Brown added: “We would like to say a special thank you to the Truro School Art Department who have been instrumental in the coordination and installation of the display, spending weeks glazing and firing the wildflowers in the school’s kilns."