After six years and more than £12,000 of fundraising from the community new facilities were unveiled at Falmouth Hospital this lunchtime.

The day unit has been specially built to look after four patients at any one time who do not need an overnight stay.

It offers services such as blood transfusions, various infusions, lines and catheter care, and dressings.

The majority of patients using the centre will live in and around Falmouth, although patients from other parts of Cornwall are also welcome to use the facilities when unable to access services closer to their homes.

The League of Friends of Falmouth Hospital have been working tirelessly for the last six years to fundraise for the unit, while still continuing to provide other equipment such as specialist beds, chairs and lifting equipment during that time.

The committee provided £12,000 for the project, with a similar amount put in by the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust that took over the hospital around 18 months ago - and since then the unit has progressed at great speed.

Falmouth Packet:

Friends vice chair Dot Wickham tests the new facilities with Trust chair Barbara Vann and hospital sister Sarah Raymont

Praising the Friends group and staff at the hospital, Trust chair Barbara Vann said: "One of the issues for us all here in Cornwall is the distance - people have to travel.

"Trying to create these sort of opportunities in the local area is critically important, to try to reduce the amount of travel people do. The fact we can produce these smaller units within our local community I think is fantastic for us all.

"Hopefully we can replicate this in other places across the district."

Addressing the Friends group, she added: "Thank you for all your hard work, not just in contributions but to staff here at the hospital."

Hospital sister Sarah Raymont thanked the Friends for their work, saying: "We're so grateful to the Friends of Falmouth Hospital for all their fundraising over the years and bringing us this lovely room.

"We know how much it's benefitted patients already, because they have told us!"

Vice chair of the Friends group Dot Wickham was also on hand to say a few words, acting on behalf of chair Nigel Druce.

She praised the hard work of the staff at the hospital, saying she couldn't fault their care.

Patients are referred to the day unit via the Royal Cornwall Hospital or their GP, although there is flexibility to allow patients to drop in if required, such as for blood tests, issues with dressings and catheters.

The unit is open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4.30pm.