A Falmouth tattoo studio has launched charity week during which half of its profits will be donated to a local cause.

Serious Ink will be donating to SPACE, a charity that offers services to support disabled young people in the county.

Serious Ink’s Sam Irish said: “It’s a nice opportunity to help local children, to see them play and have fun. It isn’t fair that they don’t get to enjoy things the same as other children so this is a good cause.”

Mr Irish admitted that this particular cause was important to him due to his son having cerebral palsy.

“My son is luckier than others and his illness doesn’t affect him as much as it might, but this is definitely very close to my heart.”

The charity drive is under way and will end Wednesday, February, 26.

Mr Irish urged anyone to pop into the studio to donate if they can.

Serious Ink is located on Webber Street in Falmouth.