FRESH from winning a BAFTA, Cornish filmmaker Mark Jenkin is already into his next project.

His critically acclaimed film Bait won the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer award at this year's BAFTAs.

His new project, Enys Men, (Kernewek/Cornish Language for stone island), is expected to start filming in Cornwall as soon as May, 2020.

Although, like Bait, this production will be filmed on his signature 16mm camera, it will be in colour and will be an environment-focussed horror film.

The environmental aspect and the intended use of the Cornish Mining Landscape as a backdrop has inspired the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Office to invest in supporting the film.

Julian German, chairman of the World Heritage Site Partnership board said of the project: “Supporting cultural interpretation of our site is vital as part of our efforts to inspire people from all backgrounds to learn about and protect our Cornish Mining Heritage. "This project’s exploration of the ecological value of the mining landscape and how we interact with and impact our environment is something which is fundamental to our role as a World Heritage Site Office.

“We are thrilled to be supporting a Cornish film and look forward to seeing how it highlights the ecological and environmental challenges we face.”

The World Heritage Site is the legacy of massive social and economic change which resulted in the transformation of our landscape.

It is also the home of living communities and businesses, and a host to extraordinary ecological and biological diversity.

The success of Bait, which was filmed within the World Heritage Site at Charlestown, has shown that Cornwall’s cultural distinctiveness has wide-reaching appeal. The film screened at 42 international film festivals and packed cinema showings, and was accompanied by rave reviews.

Following on from Bait’s worldwide success, Enys Men has already secured Film 4 co-financing.

In this new project Jenkin will direct from his own script. Fellow Cornishman Denzil Monk for Bosena is producer. Johnny Fewings is executive producer, with Bait BAFTA winners Kate Byers and Linn Waite as associate producers.