After 11 weeks of walking a Speedo-clad fundraiser who has become a national treasure has reached his finishing point of Land’s End.

Michael Cullen, aka Speedo Mick, has been walking 1,000 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End dressed only in swimming trunks, goggles and a woolly hat and gloves for warmth. 

He did so to raise money for children in poverty and has so far raised more than £300,000 in the process.

Falmouth Packet:

Speedo Mick reaching Tresillian. Photo: Will Dax

Speedo Mick, who started his journey on December 6, is fundraising for Leave the Light On, which funds community projects for disadvantaged young people.

He finally reached his destination just after 3pm, where he was escorted in by a band also wearing Speedo trunks in his honour.

He arrived to crowds of hundreds cheering him on, ending with the traditional Cornish celebration cry of "Oggy, oggy, oggy! Oi, oi, oi!"

Falmouth Packet:

Speedo Mick walking through Cornwall. Photo: Will Dax

Explaining his decision to begin such a monumental fundraising attempt, which has seen him walk close to a marathon a day, Mick, from Liverpool, said: “A third of children are living in poverty in our area, after decade of austerity has stripped away many of our vital services and safety nets that help stop vulnerable people falling through those safety nets.

“The measure of a civilised society and caring society is how we treat and care for the most vulnerable in that society.

“In response to the issues that leave people isolated and hopeless, we want to respond with community projects that bring people together so that they may draw from each other’s strengths.

“We would like to help build a more inclusive community where everyone is welcome respected and supported.”

Donations can be made online via Speedo Mick’s fundraising page