A NEW bilingual storybook is being launched to coincide with this year’s St Piran’s Day celebrations, bringing to life the intriguing legend of the Patron Saint of Tinners.

‘The Story of St Piran’, written in English alongside a Cornish translation, will give children and adults the opportunity to learn more about the magical tale behind Cornwall’s most famous day.

Complemented by colourful illustrations, the 30-page publication begins with St Piran’s upbringing in Ireland, before heading to Cornwall and tracking the story all the way through to the present day – explaining how and why Cornwall comes together in celebration every March 5.

“We’re very excited to launch this book,” said Loveday Jenkin, on behalf of Kowethas An Yeth Kernewek (The Cornish Language Fellowship), who have published it.

“This will be the first book on the life and adventures of St Piran, written in English and Cornish, for children and adults – and is fantastically illustrated throughout.”

The book has been produced by two cousins from Redruth; written by Tom Gainey and illustrated by Ryan Cardew respectively. Cornish speaker Tony Hak then helped translate the story into Kernewek.

It will be launched in memory of Stephen Gainey – Tom’s father and Cornish Bard from Illogan – who died in December 2018 following sudden illness at the age of 57.

Stephen had been a partner at RRL chartered accountants, based in Truro, since 1996. In June of last year his colleagues teamed up with his family to complete a 12-mile sponsored walk from Portreath to Devoran, raising £2,000 for Kowethas – a charity close to his heart.

“The funds raised enabled the publishing of this book and for copies to be provided to Cornish schools,” added Loveday.

“We are very grateful to all who took part. Special thanks must also go to Stephen’s family for their vision and enthusiasm in creating this book. It celebrates his dedication to Cornwall and the Cornish language.”

The Kowethas aims to advance the education of the public in the Cornish language through promoting and encouraging its use. This is done through diverse publications in Cornish, including a monthly magazine, books and learning materials. Social events for Cornish speakers and learners are also organised.

The Story of St Piran will be officially launched at a private event on Sunday, March 1, before being available to purchase for £4.99. Further details can be found at www.cornish-language.org or on Facebook via @Kowethas