A question mark remains over how Helston will officially the mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day when it falls on Flora Day.

Thanks to the government moving the early May bank holiday to Friday, May 8, it means the two will coincide for the first time ever.

Helston Town Council has been looking at ways to commemorate the occasion, and had contacted RNAS Culdrose over the possibility of a 3pm parade of personnel through the street, or a flypast along Coinagehall Street.

It was at the suggestion of the council's amenities committee, although councillor Ron Edgcumbe asked that his name be recorded against this.

However, Culdrose Captain Stuart Finn replied to say that the navy base traditionally gave personnel Flora Day off as a rest day and also had many operational commitments this year.

In a letter to the council he wrote: "Having considered the offer carefully it is with regret I must decline."

Similarly the Flora Day Association had concerns over security and crowd safety, together with there being limited time between the end of the Midday Dance and the start of the Evening Dance.

Dance steward Ian Fitter, who was also executive commander of Culdrose until 2017, told the meeting: "We have no objection to commemorating VE Day, but we do have some concerns about the viability of the parade."

Nick Wills, secretary to the Flora Day Association, told the Packet afterwards: "We're working with the town council to find possible ways to celebrate the day."

Union Flag bunting will be hung at the Guildhall and Market Place, which the Helston branch of the Royal British Legion has agreed to match fund.

The council is also inviting those who danced in Flora Day on VE Day to be guests at the mayor's Flora Day luncheon and there is the possibility of a bugle call or bagpipe refrain.

However, it was felt that more should be done to mark such an important landmark in history.

Rev Danny Reed said: "I think, personally, that's wish. A town of our size, with its history and military proximity, should be marking VE Day in a very special way - especially because it is the 75th anniversary and there are still those living who will remember VE Day originally; we should be considering them."

It was agreed that a small working party made up of Rev Reed, mayor John Martin and councillors John and Nicola Boase would work with the Flora Day Association on feasible ideas.

Members also voted not to have a parade or flypast - although councillor Miles Kenchington then questioned whether councillors had "just shot ourselves in the foot" by saying no to any parade at all.

Mr Boase said there were other events possible, such as a concert, but Mr Kenchington added: "I just think we have missed a trick. I consider this to be an extremely negative approach now being taken."