They have been saving lives in Helston for the last six years - and now the town's council has agreed to take over the ownership of its defibrillators.

Kathryn Hines founded the Andrew Oliver Big Heart Fund, following the death of her partner from cardiac arrest just before Christmas 2014, raising money for defibrillators in order that other families should not have to go through the same.

There is now equipment all over the town, including at Coronation Park, at Spar and outside the Guildhall, many of which have been funded through public donations.

One by the Grylls Monument has been used on at least four occasions and another is destined for outside Central Methodist Church.

Now Ms Hines is now unable to commit as much time as she has done, according to deputy mayor Tim Grattan-Kane, who asked Helston's town councillors if they would take over the ownership and management of the equipment.

He said: "These are a community asset. They save our lives. We don't know when we are going to need one or our loved one is going to.

"We could provide a real programme of maintenance, refurbishment and replacements."

Mr Grattan-Kane added that the charity was now buying more top of the range equipment for almost half the cost, thanks to a new source, and the council would be able to claim back VAT.

Councillor Rev Danny Reed attested to the importance of the equipment, with one used on a member of his congregation during a service at Porthleven.

"We brought her round in a matter of moments. If that was not there I think I would probably have conducted a funeral," he added.

Councillor Ronnie Williams initially suggested that the organisations that supported the project initially "should be taking the job on", but mayor John Martin pointed out that it was backed by the now defunct Helston Business Improvement Partnership, which the town council had taken many projects over from.

Mr Williams then suggested that Helston Fire Station would take responsibility if asked, adding: "I think our office has go enough on without taking this on, and it would be taken on by a professional body."

However, councillor John Boase questioned: "Why are we debating it? Let's just take it on, whatever needs doing," with councillor Miles Kenchington agreeing: "This should be an integral part of what we're providing as a council in this town."

Councillors all voted in favour of taking on ownership and management, except for Mr Williams who abstained adding: "I'm not happy with that."