The Arts Society, together with the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), has selected 41 young artists from around the UK - including three from Cornwall - to exhibit in the RBA Star Student exhibition.

Hosted by the Mall Galleries from February 19-29 and the Royal Overseas League in London from March 5 to April 19, the exhibition is an exciting opportunity for talented young artists to showcase their work in a professional and prestigious environment.

For 2020, 41 finalists have been selected for their exceptional artworks, to give the public a glimpse into the future of fine art. All artworks exhibiting at the Mall Galleries and Royal Over-Seas League have demonstrated the highest levels of skill, expression and draughtsmanship using a variety of mediums and approaches including traditional oil painting to graffiti style art.

Cornish students selected are Felicitas Wagner, from Penwith College, and Taro Bean and Ella Williams, from Truro College.

Chief Executive at The Arts Society, Florian Schweizer, said: “The Arts Society are thrilled to be working with two leading arts institutions, the RBA and ROSL, to give young artists the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in London and in front of a public audience. It’s important to see our local Societies playing an integral part in supporting arts education and the future of young artists around the UK.”

The artists explore equally varied subjects from themes of abandonment to London climate strikes and street protests.

Developed with the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), the RBA Star Students competition encourages aspiring young artists who are identified and entered by The Arts Society's local societies.

The 20 top artists will appear at both the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) and the Mall Galleries and an additional 21 artists will be shown at ROSL.

The 20 top students selected for the ROSL and the Mall Galleries exhibition are: Alice Pun, Amy Pozzilli, Anna Peake, Charlie Fern, Ella Williams, Emma Money, Eve Leckley, Felicitas Wagner, Grace Stansall-Seiler, Hannah Graham, Keri Kennett, Louise Batchelor, Lucy Fitzwilliam-Lay, Mizuki Jones, Rachel Barlow, Rebecca Deary, Robbie Haynes, Sungmin Song, Tara Bean and William Adams.

The 21 additional students selected to exhibit their work at the ROSL exhibition are: Alexander Daniel McKenzie, Andy Zhao, Anna Peake, Annie Doran, Archie York, Bea Barber, Charlotte Wattam, Demi Gao, Ella Sambrook, Emma Moore, Erica Liffen, Erin Hartnett, Jason Wan, Jay Cormie, Jonah Williams, Kate Fung, Sophie Meadows, Frances Kenneth, Toby Richardson, Yolanda Wang.