Four males and two females of a tiny species of bird have found a home at Paradise Park, Hayle.

In the wild, Collared Falconets have a very large distribution across Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand.

Curator David Woolcock said: “This is one of the smallest birds of prey, a pocket-sized falcon. This group is here because an attempt was made to bring them into Europe illegally. They were seized by the authorities but sadly couldn’t be returned to the wild and we have given them a home.

"We believe there are no other European Zoos or collections holding this species according to the Species 360 database, so a rare sight to see. We hope this group will establish the species as a viable population within the UK.”

They feed on many kinds of insects including cicadas, dragonflies, bees and butterflies, and will also catch and eat small birds. Holes in tree trunks created by woodpeckers or barbets are used to nest in.

David added: “They are all living together as a group and tend to hide away on colder days, but hopefully with warmer weather over the Easter holidays they will be out and about for visitors to see.”